web devs: refresh that browser on your other screen

As a web developer I spend alot of time clicking/alt-tabbing between my IDE and my web browser to refresh the page to test out what I’ve just got done coding.  Over months, all these keystrokes and mouse movements really add up.  I finally came up with a simple idea to solve the problem.

Introducing webrf.  Stands for web refresh.  Essentially it allows you “register” a browser tab that will need to be refreshed often.  Then you setup a simple key binding (like winkey+r) that will send a page refresh to the tab.  So you can stay in your IDE, code, press win+r, see the page update and keep coding away.

Interested?  Takes 2 minutes to setup. Check out the project on github for instructions.

Note: In theory this concept will work on mac – looking for someone to finish implementing it (I have a start) as I don’t have a mac.




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