schedule to digital calendar!

Gets your shifts, into your calendar app. Read my blog post about it here.

Is your schedule paper, intranet only, or old-school app? ShiftCals makes it quick and easy to get it in the calendar app you already use. Watch this short video:

Introduction video


Read my blog post here to get a good understanding of what ClipGuard is.

This app helps prevent TV networks from editing/clipping/re-ordering interviews. Some networks will modify videos in post-production to push an agenda or change a narrative.

The quickest way to understand the problem being solved AND how it works is to watch this video:

AWS Blueprint

Easy to use CI/CD driven, convention based application harness that facilitates production grade, multi-stage approval based deployments. Each developer on your team can easly create production replica toplogies from a git feature branch.

Architected to work with a low cost (but scaleable) APIGateway+Lambda OR a high transaction ECS Fargate environment. Includes an upgrade path from the APIG+Lambda to Fargate if/when the workload outgrows Lambda.


Sports league management platform.

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