ShiftCals: digitize your work schedule fast!

My wife is a CNA at a large hospital. Every quarter or so, she gets her schedule on a printed out piece of paper.

Not sure about you, but my family survives on a shared Google Calendar. So after getting her schedule, she spends about 30 minutes manually entering her shifts into our Google Calendar.

I’m a software engineer: seeing her spending time doing this drives me NUTS.

I decided to make a tool that enables her to quickly get shifts into an online calendar, just by using her phone. What I came up with is It enables her to digitize her paper schedule, and get it into Google (or any other calendar app) in roughly a minute – a task remember, that used to take about 30.

ShiftCals a web application that is mobile friendly. It’s free, no login, no catch.

In two simple steps you define what your shifts mean (with one character), then enter those shifts (using said characters).

Yes there is still some manual data entry, and there are other tools out there, but I challenge you to find one that gets this job done faster. Other apps/websites require you to create a login or divulge personal information (like location where you work), ShiftCals does not.

If you have feedback or would like to learn about how ShiftCals can integrate with your existing schedule system (so employees don’t have to enter their schedules manually), shoot me an email.


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