Have you had 5 minutes with Apple?

Ideas are a dime a dozen.  I’m sure Apple gets 1,000 ideas pitched to them a month.

I have an idea.  It is novel.  I have a patent pending.  It fits Apples target market.  It fits with the fabric of who they are and what they make, and where they want to go.

I have the skills, track record, and team to create it and bring it to market.

I know I can raise money, build the thing, and take it to market on my own – but I think it will be much more successful, and have a bigger positive impact on society if Apple is part of this idea.

I know all the above sounds pretentious  – and it may end up being such.

Have you had 5 minutes with Apple?  How did you do it, and are you willing to help a fellow entrepreneur out?  If so, please email me.



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