SAM + NestJS + API Gateway + Lambda + DynamoDB (local) AWS Blueprint. Complete with local simulation.

I have just released abp-sam-nestjs: an aws-blueprint example for a NestJS based API using AWS Serverless Application Module (SAM).


  • DynamoDB local with tools to create table(s) and load data.
  • Local dev server with hot-reload (quicker developer iterations than sam local).
  • Simulate API Gateway -> Lambda locally via sam local start-api. Talks to DynamoDB local via docker-compose.
  • Multi-stage CI/CD via CodePipeline. Convention over configuration, designed for teams and feature branches.
  • Straight forward environment variable configuration. Supports pulling from SSM Parameter store when running in AWS.
  • Realtime CodePipeline source pulls via GitHub webhook.

Kick the tires and give feedback or submit a PR!


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