CI/CD Blueprint for building/deploying/running Angular on AWS

Today I’m releasing a new AWS Blueprint for Angular: abp-angular.

Getting Angular running locally is simple. Building and deploying an Angular app in a multi-stage environment, behind a CDN, with no servers and with free HTTPS support is a bit tricky. abp-angular does all the heavy lifting of tying these pieces together in an easy to use CodePipeline powered by CloudFormation.

Here are a few of the features:

  • Multi-stage, feature branch, CI/CD driven via CodePipeline and Codebuild
  • Angular assets gzipped & CDN cached and hosted from S3 origin – supporting Angular routing
  • Maintenance free HTTPS via ACM
  • Root domain apex support with redirection
  • Local HTTPS support via ngrok
  • Node module vendoring (aka commit node_modules) with yarn autoclean
  • Event driven github code pulls via webhook

Check it out and let me know what you think with a tweet to @rynop


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